Glue Spreader

#1 – Making a glue spreader is rather simple using a piece of broom handle, large dowel or by turning a handle. We used a piece of Alder since no broom handle could be sacrificed.

#2 – Rough turning the Alder.

#3 – Turn the handle to about ¾” diameter and leave one end about 2 ½” long, then turn the rest of the handle to a comfortable feel.

#4 – Removed from the lathe with the unused ends cut off.

#5 – Sand or plane the ¾” dia. end to a taper on 2 sides. Leave the point about 1/8” thick.

#6 – Using a thin kerf saw, cut a slot about 2” deep.

#7 – Using a 3/16” dia. drill bit, drill a hole about ¾” to 1” from the point and centered from the sides

#8 – We used a 10-32 machine screw to put through the hole, then a wing nut. This will be the tightening screw. At this point you can put a finish on the handle and that will help later on in the cleaning off of any glue that might get on it.

#9 – This is a piece of plastic window mini blinds that will be cut to about 1 ½” lengths but the length can be varied to your use. On trash day there seems to be at least one old mini blind sticking out of someone’s trash can so there is an endless supply.

#10 – Put one or two pieces of cut blind into the slot of the handle and tighten the screw.

#11 – The glue spreader at work and when done you can clean the spreader part or just toss it away and put a new piece in.

#12 – The spreader blade can be made from countless items around the house. We like using the lids off of butter and cottage cheese containers also.

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