Gathering Woodworkers for History

We are working on a long term project of gathering signatures on blocks of wood of those that make a difference in woodworking by sharing their skills, knowledge, art, inventions or their passion. The project really started a few years ago when we went to Sam Maloof’s home-museum and he signed a block of Black Walnut for us. Over the next year we would pass by the block he signed, sitting in a display case in the my living room, and then one day the idea formed that we needed to gather and save as many of these wood blocks of woodworkers as we could. Perhaps someday the signature blocks could be passed to a museum, woodworkers that have made a difference. This project will take years, and we really hope never to end, of gathering and then displaying the names of those that work the wood.

From left to right and top to bottom:
Robert Clark, Lucas Peters, R. Bruce Hoadley, Kelly Mehler, David J. Marks
Lonnie Bird, Todd Clippinger, Sam Maloof, Sal Maccarone, Tom Yoder
Nora Hall, Kurt Hertzog, Andy Rae, John A. Fry, Mark Duginske
Mark A. DuCou, Chad R. Stanton, Frank Klausz, Dan Kine, Rob Durfos

From left to right and top to bottom:
Brian Boggs, Marc A. Adams, Philip C. Lowe, Richard Wedler, J. Paul Fennell
Nick Cook, John Reed Fox, Steve Shanesy, Frank L. Pirkle, Karl Ehlers
Hendrik Varju, David Ellsworth, Richard Raffan, Dale L. Nish, Cathy Berenberg
Beth Ireland, Tim & Candy Hicks, Charles Brock, Malcolm Tibbetts, Betty Scarpino

From left to right and top to bottom:
Kevin Boyle, Debbie Pribele, Marlen Kemmet, Christopher Cook, Curt Theoblad
Alex Snodgrass, Lori Colbett, Robert W. Lang, Rick Stein, Larry Maykin
Chris Davis, Ben Ipekjian, James Ipekjian, John Ipekjian, Adam Panto
Margaret Closner, Bob Hunter, Dave Richards, Megan Fitzpatrick, Peter Galbert

From left to right and top to bottom:
Steve Scott, Dave Campbell, Marc Spagnuolo, Mathias Pliessnig, Don Weber
Mark Schofield, Charles Neil, Andrew Pitts, Thomas Angle, Thomas Moser
David Thiel, Jere Osgood, Thomas Lie-Nielsen, Christopher Schwarz, David Earle
Mike Heavey, Lyle Jamieson, Asa Christiana, David Pruett, Jim Brokenbourgh

From left to right and top to bottom:
Scott Morrison, Teri Masaschi, Michael Dresdner, Jim Heavey, J. Patrick McCombe,
Kevin Glen-Drake, Curtis Buchanan, Robert Millard, Ron Hock, Michael Puryear
Philip John Evett, Rex Burningham, Tom McKenna, Greg Sellers, Matt Kenney
Jim Stack, John Paul Tetreault, Bonnie Klein, Steve Ramsey, Kelly J. Dunton

From left to right and top to bottom:
Ernie Conover, Jeff Mertz, Alan Lacer, Jordan Straker, Meilie Moy-Hodnett & Michael Hodnett
Bill Krier, Evert Sodergren, David Keller, Barb Siddiqui, John Odenheimer
Glen D. Huey, Warren A. May, William Ng, Michael Pekovich, Joe Landon
Leon Osborne, Mike Mahoney, Darrell Peart, Linda K. Watts, Craig Ruegsegger

From left to right and top to bottom:
Roland Johnson, Sheryl Munyon, Glen G. Guarino, Paul Schurch,

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